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Our strongpoint? The value of quality.


Being able to satisfy the quality standards of our customers is the core of our activity. Employing the best available technologies, investing in the continuous training of our staff and paying extra care to the traceability of every single piece we produce, has allowed our company to become a high profile reliable partner.

The ISO 9001 international standard certification, achieved in 2007, makes the starting point of the long-lasting quality improvement journey of our Company. In the future we will continue exploring this path to keep offering products and services suited to meet the needs of our customers with a focus on the market changes. 





Environment and safety


Our purpose? Protect the future.


Arnaldo Fuselli is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society. Our environment, health and safety policies are a consequence of our entrepreneurial commitment to behave in a conscious and respectful way.

Our aim is to constantly reduce the environmental impact and health and safety risks in all our activities. A big step in this regard was the achievement of the ISO 14001 international standard certification in July 2019, followed by the ISO 45001 international standard certification in June 2023.

We understand the importance of this duty and we will face  with responsibility all the challenges awaiting us in the future with an equally important mission in mind: a secure tomorrow.